A Sudden Change

I was not going to share this but figured it might help someone else. This is the conversation I had in my car the other day. “Lord, you say in your word do not be afraid so many times.” But I’m afraid right now. The sound of hail falling, the wind blowing and rain unlike any rain I’ve ever seen. “You have absolute power over heaven and earth.” But again I’m afraid. Then I saw shingles, wood and siding (parts of roofs) rotating in the rain, and it dawned on me this is a tornado. So I pray and the peace that surpasses all understanding fills my heart and I start to calm down. The tornado passes and I run out of my car home. There is nothing like home on a day like that one. Whatever your situation, circumstance or heart may look like God is always there.  Prayer changes things.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:6-7 NIV

The first verse I memorize and mediated on because I use to have anxiety. God promises are available we have to choose to hold onto them. Hope you have a great week!!!



New Year’s Resolutions

During the first week of year, I was so excited about setting goals and holding myself accountable on meeting them weekly. I realized this week that I already failed, because I didn’t make time for writing on this blog last week. I was a little bummed but realized again for like the 50th time. I’m not going to be able to meet these goals if I keep trying to do everything in my own strength. If you set some New Year’s resolutions and are at the point of not wanting to do it anymore or feel like you have messed up too much. Don’t let your failures discourage you from starting again. Pray about it and stop trying to do it your own strength, ask God for provision and strength. Be blessed and have a great week!

Time Matters

Being a mom is a challenging and rewarding job. I love being a mom and honestly believe that God put the desire for being a mom in my heart. It’s amazing how He knits us together in our mother’s wombs. It took me a while to wrap that around my mind but I believe it. My children are my heart but I notice sometimes we get so wrapped up in providing for our family. We forget about just being in the moment. What will my children remember the most when they grow up? I don’t know but I hope to leave good memories. The goal is to spending more quality time, read more books and just hanging out while in the moment. So if you have children start spending more time with them and encourage them to do the best they can at everything in life. Who knows what childhood memories might motivate your child to keep pushing on as an adult? I hope this encourages a parent today to reach out to their child and build a better relationship. God bless, have a great week!!!

Lift up our Nation

I had a dream a few nights ago; I was looking down at earth and saw every continent being consumed by fire except North America. It’s like the fire was coming from under the continents. I said “oh my” the old world just fell off the face of the earth. North America started flashing blue and red the last country left. I’m sure there is more to the dream but this is all I remembered. It’s as if this was our last chance as a nation to get back to God and His ways. I must say I’m not sure what this dream meant but felt the need to share it, prayer is needed for our nation, cities and communities. Join me in prayer for our country, the days seem shorter and the years are flying by, may Jesus pour out his spirit on the nation, may He call his children home to His kingdom, may he take the scales off the eyes of the blind and reveal his truth. May true change come to our nation, lets lift up those in authority to seek wisdom and guidance from God.