Lift up our Nation

I had a dream a few nights ago; I was looking down at earth and saw every continent being consumed by fire except North America. It’s like the fire was coming from under the continents. I said “oh my” the old world just fell off the face of the earth. North America started flashing blue and red the last country left. I’m sure there is more to the dream but this is all I remembered. It’s as if this was our last chance as a nation to get back to God and His ways. I must say I’m not sure what this dream meant but felt the need to share it, prayer is needed for our nation, cities and communities. Join me in prayer for our country, the days seem shorter and the years are flying by, may Jesus pour out his spirit on the nation, may He call his children home to His kingdom, may he take the scales off the eyes of the blind and reveal his truth. May true change come to our nation, lets lift up those in authority to seek wisdom and guidance from God.

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