Vacation and His Provision

Is it just me or is it amazing when we can see with our own eyes God’s favor, His splendor and His protection in real time? After a year of planning, my husband and I had the opportunity to get away for our ten year wedding anniversary. Upon my return I shared some of my personal experience with my husband and he suggested that I write about it. My husband perspective was different than mine so, I’ve been working on what to say with words for a few months now. It takes time for me to gather my thoughts together. As I type these words in my local Starbucks, I’m overwhelmed just knowing that He is here helping me craft these words for you.

Anyway, on to the recap of my vacation, First, we were able to get a rental very last minute to drive to the port. My husband wanted to be fancy with a convertible, but upon arrival none were available. I’m very thankful for that please don’t share that with him. The thought of being hit in the face with wind and other things on the Florida highways I’ll pass. They substituted the convertible with an SUV without having to pay anything additional. We got to the port with plenty of time surprisingly very little traffic which is unheard of most days. We boarded our cruise ship safely; our room was clean and to our surprise had 2 bathrooms. That night at dinner we met our dinner mates having no idea we’ll meet up with the same couples every night they are all awesome. It was evident that His favor was present. Everything up to this point was great, just seeing the sun rising and sitting in quiet in the middle of the ocean is just so beautiful. Looking up at the stars at night, my words do the images in my head no justice. I could not help but see God in everything. His peace was over in abundance. We spent the first few days at sea and ported on the 4th day with the first stop being St. Maarten, the Dutch side. We booked an excursion ahead if time that tours both the French and Dutch side in the land and sea.

Before it was time for the excursion, we decided to explore the island and do some shopping. We got some coconut water, bought some gifts for our family and got plenty of steps in. During our walk, we arrived at the local courthouse and while taking selfie’s a guy asks if we just arrived on the cruise ship. He says he asked because they just opened a new hotel and are looking for Americans to advertise the new hotel in the state. Then he hands us a flyer for a chance to win $500 and other prizes all we’ll need to do is scratch off this postcard to see if we won. I start scratching and it looks like I’m about to win and he says no that one is not working well and gives me a new one. I knew from when this man approached us something was off. Long story short, we didn’t win the scratch off but he then invites us to visit the hotel, claiming there is a car waiting on the next street to take us there and back. Too many red flags and the thought of the movie Taken. My husband being the awesome person he is says sorry we must get back to our ship for an excursion, stopping all conversation with him and we walk away.

I’m so grateful, so grateful for God’s protection and the fact that we weren’t born yesterday. Bring raised in the inner city does have its perks. Stay tuned for part 2, this Thursday 6/9.

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