Time Matters

Being a mom is a challenging and rewarding job. I love being a mom and honestly believe that God put the desire for being a mom in my heart. It’s amazing how He knits us together in our mother’s wombs. It took me a while to wrap that around my mind but I believe it. My children are my heart but I notice sometimes we get so wrapped up in providing for our family. We forget about just being in the moment. What will my children remember the most when they grow up? I don’t know but I hope to leave good memories. The goal is to spending more quality time, read more books and just hanging out while in the moment. So if you have children start spending more time with them and encourage them to do the best they can at everything in life. Who knows what childhood memories might motivate your child to keep pushing on as an adult? I hope this encourages a parent today to reach out to their child and build a better relationship. God bless, have a great week!!!

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