Happy Mother’s Day 2022

If you’re a mother, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’ve had a great day. My day was filled with chores and some lounging around. I need more rest now that work starts tomorrow. Pray for me! I hope you’ve spent the day loving on your babies and doing whatever it is you like to do. My day was spent sleeping in to 7am, spending time in worship and prayer, going to Starbucks, grocery shopping, prepping dinner, watching a movie and ended up taking a nap during most of it. I’ve been tired for a few days now but for some reason I am unable to take a nap during the day. Every time I try to nap, I just end up closing my eyes still awake then eventually getting up. It was a late decision to get to my laptop today and type some words before calling it a night. Encouraging moms this evening that you’re doing a good job. Our work is challenging but it brings much reward in the end. Keep pushing to be the best version of yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself when you fall short. May God continue to give you the wisdom and knowledge to care for your children in Jesus name. Until next time, have a great night!


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