Life is so precious

Today I’m really sadden by the heinous crimes that are taking place in America the land of the Free, people losing their lives senselessly. We have overcome so much and still the justice that everyone wants to see is not served. A life is so precious all created and molded in our mothers wombs and given a purpose, a good purpose. Life is so valuable were only given one and a life is a life it shouldn’t matter what skin color or uniform all lives matter. I think as a country people are moving further and further away from God.  If true justice is warranted, put down the weapons, open up your heart and pray. He created this world and His word says everything is possible with God. He will fight the battle. Pray for America, especially the people in authority who can help bring change to our nation, cities, our communities and most importantly our children.  May the Lord pour out his spirit and empower us as His people to change our hearts and minds. Transformation through His power will bring true change to America. 

To the families and friends that have lost someone in the last three days, may the Lord comfort, support and strengthen you while meeting all of your needs. 

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