Favor and Fun

It’s Monday…back to work from some and a day off for others. I decided to let my hair down this weekend and just have fun with my family. It was husband’s birthday and I planned a surprise party for him. I did not know that event planning could cause so much anxiety. Boy, was I going through it what if he doesn’t like it or some of his friends don’t show up. I kept having to repeat Philippians 4:6 because I was anxious for no reason. Worrying does nothing but prayer changes things. I know that God always guides me, directs me, cares for me, and provides wisdom especially when I have no idea what I am doing. He is so good to me and shows me favor. But sometimes I still feel anxious and this reminded me about how much God cares. We went to see a baseball game and I remembered we had a ballpark coupon. Found out it doesn’t start until May 1st and I was going to have to pay regular price for everyone. We get to the ballpark and a lady comes up and asked if I was going to buy a ticket. I said yes and she gave me a voucher for a free ticket. I was so excited about that, there were so many people standing online to buy a ticket. I didn’t even get to the line yet and she offered it to me. Praise the Lord, only Him. It felt good to just focus on my family and have fun. This weekend has encouraged me to have more fun with my family and remind me that God is always working things out for those who love Him. Have a great and productive week!!! May God bless you and shower you with His favor!!!

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