He is Risen Part 2

This week has been interesting for me I’ve realized that I am not super woman. Yes I know it’s sad I’m not a superhero. I couldn’t continue to keep doing everything for everyone and not prioritizing what’s really important and what I believe God wants me to do. So I stepped away for a little while and learned. I have been a Christian for a few years and knows that Jesus died for my sins to save me. But I have a confession that I realized this Easter. I never really understood why he was resurrected I always though it was to fulfill scripture. But that’s just a part I realized that Jesus died and was resurrected to display that He was truly the Son of God. He is the resurrection and the life. He has the power to bring life where there is death. He is the light to dark places. His power is living on the inside of ever person that has accepted Him as Lord and Savior. He can bring light to any situation, circumstance or sickness. Don’t give up there is hope. Have a blessed week!!!

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