A Christmas Miracle Part 2

After completing a small growth group at church,  I realized that all the money we have comes from God which requires me to tithe and honor God first because of who He is. Back to the miracle, my dad deposited money in my account for Christmas gifts for the kids and my husband was blessed by both of his grandmothers and his aunt with money for gas and tolls in order for us to get us to Florida for a few days, and surprise his mother for the holidays. The day of the trip Christmas Eve, I packed a cooler filled with sandwiches, drinks and snacks. We hit the road was making good timing two hours into the travel we get a flat. Yes a flat, mind you we have PAX system tires that allows us to drive 50 miles before a tire replacement is needed and spare tires are not available for our model. It’s Christmas Eve around 3:30pm; we’re in the North Carolina Welcome Center like what are we going to do. We started calling tow companies to see if someone could bring us a new tire, Firestone was suppose to be open until 4pm but no one answered the phone. After calling more than a dozen places and people the thought of being stranded in that Welcome Center became real. I started praying, praying with the kids and asking others to pray for us. Only God could deliver us from this situation. I did not see a way out, it started getting dark and my husbands’ aunt purchased AAA to see if they could pump air in the tire, plug it or tow it. Because of our location they sent a contractor, he puts enough air in the tire to get us to a truck stop to get the supplies we needed. They removed the flat tire that revealed the inside was shredded. Started praying again because only Jesus could help us. The AAA driver says I have a cousin with the same van let me see if he can loan you a tire. At that moment I realized this was lined up, God sent someone who could help us… his cousin delivers the tire charging us to rent it and said he would give some of the money back upon our return. I never doubted that God would show up, I just didn’t know when and He rescued us from that truck stop on Christmas Eve. He can rescue you from any situation, thank you Jesus. There is still more to come stay tuned.


A Christmas Miracle Part 1

My Pastor opened up the Christmas season with expectancy, expecting God to perform miracles. I prayed for a miracle that Christmas season that God was going to do great things. The Holy Spirit revealed in God’s word Proverb 22:27 if you lack the means to pay, your very bed will be snatched from under you. I was using my credit card daily and didn’t have enough to cover expenses. In debt up to my eyeballs and unable to see a way out, Christmas was difficult there was no extra money. It was so hard figuring out what to feed my family but God was faithful and I trusted that He would provide all of our needs. But God showed me that I was living beyond my means and I could live with less. So I was honest, no more Starbucks had to make my own coffee and eating out for lunch everyday was no longer an option. Had to explained to my honey that I’m not going to be able to buy any Christmas gifts this year. My husband was able to save enough money for gifts for the kids and while purchasing them in Toys”R”Us I went over budget and ask the cashier to put one of the toys back and this young man behinds me says if that’s a gift I will buy it. Huh? What do you mean? He said I’ll buy it and all I ask you to do is pay it forward. Do people like this really exist? I accepted the gift and walked my way to the car crying. I was so overwhelmed that someone else would do that for my family and me, praise the Lord. This is just the beginning….stay tuned.