Busyness and the Christmas Season

During the Christmas season, the stress in my home can be overwhelming with shopping, cleaning and preparing. Christmas décor, Christmas trees, church rehearsals, over demanding projects at work and the list continues. Constantly, checking boxes to make sure everyone gets a least one thing on their list. It just doesn’t stop and today we ran out of toothpaste. This is so tiny, people are homeless and starving in this world and my household ran out of toothpaste big deal right. No, I’ll just get the backup toothpaste, the one no one really likes but is there for moments like this. Until I realized the backup toothpaste is missing. It does not have legs and cannot walkout of the bathroom. Where has the toothpaste gone? This simple question triggered a response that included yelling and an irritating attitude.

This afternoon, it dawned on me that maybe this attitude was not really about the toothpaste but about the fact that I did not sit at the feet of Jesus this morning. One can only find lasting peace and strength in His presence. Not making time for it only made my day more difficult. This song has been in my spirit for a few days; by your Spirit I will rise from the ashes of defeat the resurrected King is resurrecting me. I need his strength daily so I ask on this afternoon Lord fill me with your Holy Spirit today.

Don’t allow the busyness of the holidays to invade your time with the Creator, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, Author of our lives, Alpha, Omega, and Abba today. He can change our perspectives of the reason for the season the birth of His son Jesus.

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