God Can Use Anyone

I hope your having a great morning!!! It’s official I have read through the entire bible for the first time in my life it took about two years. This is kind of funny because it was suppose to be only one year. I’m back reading Genesis and it’s so good to read about how the Creator formed the Earth and man. There was something different about reading the story of Noah this time. Here you have the only man and family to receive God’s favor over an entire generation of people. He was given the opportunity to repopulate the earth by building an ark to save his family and 2 of every animal. Building an ark is a huge assignment and is cool because he is practically the first shipbuilding. Noah was faithful and obedient. God sends the rain and everyone dies except for those on the ark and God promises not to flood the earth ever again. A rainbow in the clouds is the reminder of the covenant between God and humanity. Noah plants a vineyard and one day gets drunk so drunk that his son Ham sees him naked. This was probably embarrassing to his children but instead of Ham covering up Noah, he chooses to tell his brothers about it. Noah cursed Ham because of his decision. (Genesis 6-9 NIV)

Noah may not have been setting the best example for his sons by getting drunk. But God still used him, I’m sure God was not surprised when this happened. I would call it perfectly imperfect, no one is able to be perfect only God is, we fail sometimes and sometimes we fail forward by learning from our mistakes. Sometimes we fail and repeat the same cycle all over again. But that does not mean God cannot use us for the greater good of the earth and others. Lets choose to live a life pleasing to God but if we mess up sometimes lets not condemn ourselves but ask for forgiveness and move on. Be empowered by the Holy Spirit living in us, the power of Jesus still exist don’t quit. He did not die for us to feel sorry for ourselves and fearful but to give us power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7 KJV.) Walk into your destiny by stepping out and trying something that may fail. You will never know if you don’t try. I hope this encourages you this week. Be blessed.



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