The Fight for Peace

The second week of the year is officially here. So exciting I hope your New Year resolutions are still in full swing. I’m writing today with the hope of encouraging someone that God is always there in the mist of everything. I’m struggling with always feeling like I’m fighting maybe not fist fighting. But fighting the struggle of life, like paying my bills or disciplining my children, or hoping that the trash is taken out on trash day, or that everyone at home does what they are suppose to do. I could go on all day with examples. But I just want peace, peace, peace and some more peace. The life where everyone does what he or she should do when they should do it. I woke up this morning just tired, I wanted to tell my family I was going away for a few days. Instead, I got still, lifted my request to God and worshipped Him. Graciously He sustained me. Praise the Lord, I’m so grateful. Couldn’t imagine my life without Him. I don’t even know if sharing this would encourage someone today but I hope it does. Don’t give up, just seek Him. Happy Sunday!!!!

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