Bearing Fruit Part II

The second definition is being the part of the plant that has the seeds in it (such as the pod of a pea, a nut, a grain, or a berry.) The definition reminds me of the master who goes on a journey and entrusts talents to his servants (Matthew 25:14-30.) If you’ve never read the parable here is the very short version. The master gives one servant five talents, another two and the last only one. On the master’s return, the servant he have five talents too gained five more. The one he gave two talents to gained two more. But the servant he gave one too was afraid so he went and hid his talent and wanted to give it back. The master called him wicked and lazy because he did not put the talent at least in bank to gain interest until his return. He took what was given to him and gave it to the one he gave five talents too. This part of the plant has seeds, which are distributed during the journey, and we have to use the gifts and talents that God has give us to be fruitful by sharing what we know with others.

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