Keep Pushing on

Happy Sunday!!!! I’m so excited about getting back to blogging; my break was way too long. To be honest, I felt like I stop having things to say and that the blog was not fruitful or helpful to others. I was kind of discouraged because this is new territory for me and the feedback was limited. But I don’t think our Father would have blessed me with this platform if it were not useful for His Kingdom. This is what the enemy wants us to think that were not fruitful or being productive or even making a difference. But today is new day and I’m encouraged again to keep pushing on, loving on and encourage others. If the process of life is wearing you down and you don’t feel like your making a difference. You matter and you make a difference everyday. God loves us unconditionally and wants to use each and everyone for His plan and purpose. Have a blessed week everyone and stay encouraged!!

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